What benefits do job portals offer B2B businesses?

A recruitment portal enables B2B businesses to access a large and diverse talent pool. They have the ability to draw experts with particular skill sets, backgrounds, and knowledge pertinent to their sector. Finding qualified candidates who can contribute to the expansion and success of the business is therefore more likely.


Our sales job portal is your one-stop shop for locating and securing the ideal sales opportunity. In only a few clicks, discover your potential and apply for a variety of sales roles.


Find your way to a rewarding career in customer service by visiting our support job portal. Connect with businesses looking for your important talents.


Welcome to our marketing job portal, where you may find all the fascinating marketing possibilities you're looking for. To advance your career, investigate a wide range.


Our Productivity Job Portal is now live: Discover and apply for a variety of opportunities that are productivity-focused to advance your career. Find your ideal.

Features of our B2B Job Portal

Powered UI

A rapid and easy user interface encourages adoption.

One View

A thorough understanding of your client


Gain insights and save time by utilising cutting-edge AI.


Adapt to current business apps

Why does a B2C company require a Job Portal, then?

A company's values, mission, and culture can be highlighted on a job portal, strengthening the company's brand image in
the eyes of both future employees and clients.

Loyalty Program

Make contact with qualified individuals who have experience managing loyalty programmes. Find the best individuals to boost your company's loyalty campaigns and improve consumer engagement.

Campaign Engine

Make contact with qualified campaign management specialists. Find the professionals who will power your marketing initiatives and propel your company to

Customer Support

You may improve customer service processes and the way that clients interact with your business by arranging, categorising, prioritising, tracking, and assessing customer

Analytics Suite

Improve business performance and decision-making by analysing data. Encourage customer interactions, foresee consumer behaviours, and improve campaign economics.

Lead Management

Leads that are simple to handle and track. High-quality leads should be moved quickly through the sales pipeline with personalised follow-ups to track sales activities and increase conversions.

AI-Powered Chatbot

Give your customers multilingual service around-the-clock from a clever virtual assistant who can swiftly understand and respond to their

Consistencies of our B2C Job Portal

AI-Powered Insights

360° Customer Management

Integrations using Apps Made Simple

Platform for Unified Communications

Why Choose Us?

We at i3infosoft assist you in engaging with your customers in a smooth manner with such technologies, providing a seamless experience.

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