What are the advantages of a CRM for a B2B company?

Every B2B company needs a customised CRM that meets their specific operational needs. A strong sales team, effective customer service, well-planned marketing initiatives, and tracking overall productivity are crucial components of any B2B company.


Your sales staff may close deals more quickly and forge lasting relationships with customers by using a CRM to automate time-consuming chores and deliver relevant


CRM permits treating every customer as if they are a first-time buyer, improving the effectiveness of customer service, speeding up the response to enquiries,customer happiness.


CRM enables faster data collection and streamline lead generation with web forms. Drive conversions and track analytics in real-time with enterprising email campaigns and optimal social media management


Keep an eye on your team's performance and analyse insights and information. With the help of several app connectors, you can manage projects, inventories, and

Features of our B2B CRM

Powered UI

Adoption is fueled by a simple and quick UI.

One View

A complete picture of your client


Using cutting-edge AI, save time and gain insights.


Integrate with existing business apps

Why does a B2C company require a CRM, then?

A CRM for B2C businesses places a strong emphasis on audience targeting for speedy sales, real-time customer interaction, consumer trend analysis, and warning the company about potential risk concerns.

Loyalty Program

With the aid of our built-in loyalty plan, which is readily integrated with Point of Sale systems, you can identify customer trends and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Campaign Engine

Automate effective customer communication by using personalised campaigns to target the appropriate audience with the appropriate message at the appropriate time across various.

Customer Support

By organising, classifying, prioritising, tracking, and analysing client feedback, you can streamline customer service and improve the way that customers interact with your company.

Analytics Suite

Analyse data to improve corporate performance and decision-making. Drive customer interactions, anticipate consumer behaviours, and optimise campaign economics.

Lead Management

Leads easily captured, managed, and tracked. Move high-quality leads swiftly through the sales pipeline with individualised follow-ups to monitor sales activities in order to maximise conversions.

AI-Powered Chatbot

Provide your customers with 24/7 multi-lingual support with a smart virtual assistant that helps decode your customers’ requests/queries and solve them quickly.

Consistencies of our B2C CRM

AI-Powered Insights

360° Customer Management

Integrations using Apps Made Simple

Platform for Unified Communications

Why Choose Us?

We at i3infosoft assist you in engaging with your customers in a smooth manner with such technologies, providing a seamless experience.

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