One Click Solution

One Click Solution

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We offers a quick solution to any query from the client. It means an end to end solutions offered by us so that query will be resolved in no time. So why are you waiting just ask your questions quickly.

Online shopping to purchase item by making only one-click

One-click enables customers to make a purchase

Payment details needed to build the transaction.

Transactions that was previously entered by the user.

Make the Purchase Easy

To make the purchasing process simpler, it is normal to save shipping details, but you can go even further. Do the same with card details for customers and make the purchase as simple as one click.

Popularities & Securities

For online games, entertainment and social networks, quick, one-click payments are usually popular.

It works easily and smoothly without storing any sensitive card data. Everything is secured with a token securely.

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We offer a highly specialized, collaborative and well-designed IT dashboards to address your business needs; from policy, configuration and execution to lifecycle results-providing insights into the most in-depth analysis of your business.

Use of One-click

After the initial transaction, one-click payments are possible. Using SecurionPay Checkout, once a customer enters the card details, they can pay with a single click on each screen. 

To companies that need customers to sign up, this is a convenient solution. To charge the token, you must use an API. Once it’s done, our server will give you a confirmation.